Learning About Creating Effective Signs For Your Company

3 Basic Ways To Make Your LED Sign Stand Out

If you are getting a custom LED sign created for your business, you want to make sure that your banner stands out. You want the LED sign to draw attention to your business or product, whatever aspect of your business you are trying to draw attention to.

#1 Be Sure It Is Easy To Read

One of the most important ways you can make your sign stand out is by making it easy to read. When people are walking or driving by your banner, they have a limited amount of time to take in the information on your banner. If the font on your sign is difficult to read, people are not going to be able to get the message you want.

The same thing goes for putting too much information on your sign. When you overload your sign with information, people have to choose what to look at when they glance at your banner. They may take in less important information and overlook the big message that you were trying to convey. Only put the information that you really want your audience to take in on your sign.

#2 Be Selective With Your Colors

Second, be selective with your colors. You should not go overboard with your colors either. Too many colors can be distracting as well as too much information. When you choose colors, try to choose colors that fits in with your business's message and logos. For example, if you usually use blue in your logo and lettering, use it on your banner as well. Using the same colors will create a feeling of cohesiveness between your business and your banner.

Try to pick two colors that contrast with each other. This will help draw more attention to the message on your sign. Using contrasting colors will help your sign stand out. If you have something you especially want to draw attention to, like a date or a website, you can use a third color that really stands out around that information.

#3 Think About Viewing Distance

Finally, think about how far away your audience will be when viewing the sign. The further away your audience will be, the larger the sign and the wording on the sign need to be. A sign making company should be able to tell you what size lettering works best for the average viewing distance you need your sign to be seen over.

To make your next custom LED sign stick out, be sure to keep it easy to read and stick to the most important information. Choose two contrasting colors that work with your business color scheme, and make sure the font is large enough for your intended audience. Contact a company like MaxxLite for more LED sign services.