Learning About Creating Effective Signs For Your Company

Designing Your First Banner For Business: 10 Ways To Make It An Eye-Catching Success

Whether you're launching your new business and need to announce it to the world, having your first sale on merchandise or putting together a campaign for your demanding boss, you need to get your message out loud and clear. Durable, attractive vinyl banners are the best way to accomplish your goal, but if you've never done this before, you need a few pointers. Don't fret: With a little creativity, a few technical tidbits and a clear, concise message, your banner is going to be a major success and hopefully, highly effective.

1. Make Readability Your Main Objective

No matter how strong the urge to fancify and decorate your banner, keeping it simple, by not using curvy fonts or odd, hard-to-recognize words and symbols will ensure that your message is succinct and swift. Short, sweet and to the point is far more effective than artistically elaborate.

2. Have One Brilliant Focal Point You Want People To Remember

While there may be different design elements to work with, your banner should ultimately present one single focal point, representing the thing you want people who view your sign to remember most. This could be a date, a price or an announcement, but whatever it is, zero in on it with laser precision in every aspect of your design.

3. Use Bright Colors To Accent, Not Blind

One of your objectives will be to catch people's attention; however, you don't want to do that by blinding them with such vivid color that the message of your banner is completely lost. There's no point in catching people's attention if you're not going to get your message across, so use those bright colors to accent, such as framing the banner in a bold color. Remember, too, what speed the people will be going by your sign at - are they driving or walking? The greater the rate of speed at which they pass your sign, the more the elements of it may blend together, making contrast a very valuable tool for you. For example, white text on black background is going to be more visible than yellow text on orange background, no matter how quickly or slowly a reader passes the banner.

4. Limit Your Banner Elements To Text And Logo Only

Even though a few characters or caricatures might make for a more humorous or interesting banner, the more you add, the more difficult it may be to get your core message across. Also, the more design elements are present, the more difficult it might be to make sense of to someone rushing by.

5. Work With Vector Images

Especially if you'll be designing more banners in the future, make sure you work with vector images. Their technology allows for enlargement without distortion, unlike pixel images, and their storage size on a computer is generally more manageable.

6. Use A Mock Sample In Real World Testing

Before you decide on a final banner and certainly before you order one or more of them, do a real world test with a mock-up. You might simply cut out the approximate size and apply intended color, text and other elements, then physically bring it to where the sign will ultimately hang. Is it visible from the distance the majority of those passing by will be? Are the colors of the mock banner drowned out by the surrounding environment? Especially if you're a business that's just starting out or the company you work for is on a tight budget, you want the highest return on the investment of creating a banner you can possibly get and that won't happen if your end product (the banner you order) doesn't accomplish the intended mission. Test your ideas in the field, then go back to the drawing board.

7. Speak Through Color

Your choice of colors is very important, far beyond the readability factor. Certain colors are more memorable, illicit different emotional reactions from viewers and tend to set the mood for your vinyl creation. Green, for example, may offer the impression of naturalness and health, while red implies excitement and stimulates. Study color, first, then try to imagine the emotions and reactions you want to evoke.

8. Consider Using Both Sides Of Your Vinyl Banner

Especially if your banner will be placed at an entrance, such as to your business or a special event, take advantage of the fact that people will see one side when going in and the other side when going out. You could welcome them warmly with one side of the banner, noting something important going on inside, then thank them for coming on the other side, while promoting your URL or other info you'd like them to keep in mind future reference. Think of your banner as a closed/open sign, too, where you could simply reverse it when you needed to change the message. Double-sided banners can save time and money, as well as being convenient.

9. Incorporate Your Brand Identity Into The Banner

One of the most important impressions your banner should leave on people is your brand image. Whether through the use of color or logo, incorporate your brand identity on the banner, so that the message (of the banner) doesn't just announce a grand-opening, sale or event, it serves as an advert for the company behind it, too.

10. Ask For A Professional Opinion

Whether you're able to create your vinyl banner with your own equipment or you hire a company to do it for you, don't let the "final" version get to print without first soliciting an outside, professional opinion. Listen carefully to what the print company advises or ask a neighboring business or business owner you know to evaluate your banner for effectiveness, readability, branding and the other elements which will combine to make it the eye-catching success you want it to be.

Whatever message you need to get out to the world, employing a thoughtfully designed vinyl banner is one of the best ways to do it. Although your first one may be a little nerve-racking, the formula for success with banners and custom signs is straightforward and relatively unchanging, meaning your next campaign should be even easier and effortlessly effective. For more information, visit websites like http://www.davissign.com.