Learning About Creating Effective Signs For Your Company

Need Some Commercial Signs For A Business? 3 Buying Tips

Any small business can benefit from using signs to advertise to their customers. However, if you have not ordered professional signs before, you may not know where to start with the buying process. Here are three tips that can help guide you through the decision-making process:

Sign Type

You should start by deciding what kind of sign your business needs. Start by figuring out if it will be used inside or outside. An outside sign is used for directing potential customers to your place of business and is generally for advertising. They can be installed on an exterior wall, an awning, or even as a sandwich board outside of the business.

An indoor sign will be attached to a wall or ceiling and can be used for directing customers where to go once they come inside. For example, it may be used to point out where a reception area is located. You can also use interior signs to let customers know of sales or promotions going on that they may be interested in.

Sign Material

There are many types of sign material that you have to select from. Lettering for signs can be made using metal, wood, plastic, foam, or even adhesive vinyl. The letters can be painted on as well to meet your needs, so think about what colors you want on the sign to help it stand out.

The backing material of a sign varies as well, with each type providing a different quality to the final product. You can select from materials like cloth, vinyl, wood, plastic, paper, and glass. If durability is a concern, speak with your local sign shop about which material will last the longest

Sign Design

When you are investing in signs for your business, you want them to last a long time with their design. Creating a sign that needs to be replaced soon after it is made may not be the best use of your money. That is why the design of the sign is so crucial.

Think about things such as how big the letters need to be for the distance which it will be viewed. This can also play into the overall size of the sign. Colors can also make a big difference since you want there to be a contrast of lighter colored lettering against darker colored backgrounds.

Keep the sign simple, do not make it cluttered with too much information. Less can sometimes be more when you want the customer to take away key messaging information. Contact a company like Brenner Signs & Awnings LLC for more information and assistance.