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Tips For Caring For Your Sign's Lettering

Many signs will utilize channel letters as a way to easily and conveniently change the message on the sign. Unfortunately, sign owners can easily overlook the need to care for this part of their sign, and this can lead to a situation where their channels letters experience problems. By taking advantage of several key points, you may be able to greatly reduce the risk of your signs channel letters being damaged or experiencing problems:

Properly Store The Channel Letters

It is unlikely that you will need to use all of the letters for your signs at the same time. Properly storing the letters that you are not using is important for minimizing the risk of them becoming damaged. Ideally, you will want to ensure that these letters are stored in a way that will avoid the risk of them becoming bent. Also, you will want to avoid storing the letters with colored paper or other sources of pigments that could get on the letters and discolor them.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

You will need to regularly clean these letters to remove dirt, dust, algae, and mosses. While it may seem like it will not really matter what type of cleaning solution you use, it can be possible for these solutions to damage the plastic in these letters. In particular, bleach and other very harsh chemicals may be able to make the plastic in these letters more brittle, which could increase the risk of them breaking. Also, these chemicals can warp the lettering or remove the pigment. When you are cleaning these letters, you should only use a mild dish soap for this work. After you wash the letters, make sure that they are thoroughly rinsed as soap can leave a sticky residue behind that could cause dirt and dust to stick to the letters.

Replace Torn Or Damaged Letters As Quickly As Possible

Eventually, the letters for your sign will become damaged. Whether this is due to the letters getting warped or other sources of damage, you should replace them as soon as possible. This is particularly true when the damage to the letters is in the form of bending or warping. This could make it possible for the wind to catch the letters and rip them from the sign. This could send them airborne, which could lead to potential safety hazards for those near the sign. When ordering replacement letters, measure the channels to your sign so that you can be sure to order replacements that will fit the sign.

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