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3 Ways To Increase Safety And Convenience For Your Pediatric Clients

Are you looking for ways to increase the convenience and safety that your pediatric clients experience when they visit you? Following are three updates that will help you do just that:

Manage a Visitor Registration System

If you're like most pediatricians, making sure that the children who visit you for care stay safe inside your building is of upmost importance to you. An effective way to make sure that no small child gets lost or stolen while waiting to see you is to create and manage a visitor registration system. Unlike the system you use to register incoming patients, this system will monitor who comes and goes in your waiting room.

Set up a desk and computer at the entrance of the waiting room, and have everyone sign themselves and their children in when they enter. Everyone should also sign out when they leave, so you have an accurate record of who children came and left with in case it's needed for any reason. Parents will be able to see if their child has been checked out if they can't find them, and the authorities can use the registration information if a child ends up missing.

Create a Separate Play Area

To ensure that children don't hurt themselves on the furniture or accidentally get stepped on by adults in your waiting room, close off a corner of the space and turn it into a play area. Children can get out from under their parents' feet and toys can stay in one place so people don't trip over them while navigating through the waiting room. Incorporate a few toys, some books, crayons and paper, and a small television screen that plays cartoons into the play area so kids stay entertained and are less likely to wander around.

Install Guardrails Around the Parking Lot

An effective way to keep parents and kids safe outside while they make their way into your building is to install guardrails around your parking lot. This will help keep vehicles off the pathways and grass, and give everyone a safe place to walk without having to worry about avoiding cars that are trying to park or drive away. The guardrails will help keep people from hitting a tree or your building when they back into a parking spot, which would cost them a lot of money in repairs when all is said and done.

The guardrails can be used as handrails when parents and small children who are just learning to walk need to steady themselves on their way into your building. Install warning signs on the guardrails to ensure that drivers remain aware of their surroundings. You can even install a business sign on the guardrails to promote your pediatric practice. You can contact companies like Traffic Control Products Company of LA, Inc for more information.