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3 Ways To Prevent Rust From Spreading On Your Old Metal Business Sign

Metal signs are pretty awesome when they are first installed. You get a durable sign that can last for a really long time and maintain its shape and stature. However, if there is one thing metal signs can be bad about, it is rust. Sometimes, it seems that once rust starts showing up, it goes on a vengeful attack in an effort to take down the whole integrity of the sign. However, if you catch rust in the beginning on your metal sign, you will likely be able to stop it from spreading. Here are a few things you can do to prevent metal rust from spreading and taking over your metal business sign. 

1. Have your metal sign sealed with a protective sealant. 

If you can catch the rust early enough, you can usually prevent it from spreading by painting over the rusty areas with a coat of rust-stopping sealer or paint. This stuff is super easy to apply, and it often comes in a spray can for easy application. Simply zap the rusty areas with the sealer or coat the entire sign every so often with the sealer to prevent the rust from being exposed to the elements.

2. Paint your metal sign if you can. 

painting a metal sign will usually serve about the same purpose as coating it with sealer. However, before you paint the sign, it is best if you do all you can to get most of the rust off because the rust can prevent the paint from sticking to the metal surfaces. Plus, sometimes painting the sign will not be feasible. For example, if you have a metal sign that is made from tin and it reflects the vintage appeal of your business, you may not want to paint it. In other situations, however, painting can be a good remedy to stop the rust. 

3. Bring in a welder for some professional mending. 

One of the beauties of metal signs is they can usually be mended if you have a skilled welder on board to help you out. If there is a rusty spot that is looking pretty bad, a welder can cut out the section with a torch and weld a new piece of metal back in place. Not only will this look more attractive, it will eliminate the rusty spots from spreading. If you do decide to have your old metal sign patched up by a welder, make sure you coat the sign with sealer too for that added layer of protection. 

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