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3 Ways To Make Your Real Estate Signs Stand Out In A Crowded Neighborhood

As a real estate agent, the biggest part of your job involves garnering attention and attraction from prospective home buyers to the properties you have for sale. There is a lot you can do with more modern practices like listing your properties online or sending out emails, but the old-fashioned sign in the yard is still perhaps one of the most effective means of advertising a listed property. Unfortunately, even though signs are effective, they can also get a little lost among all of the visual commotions of a crowded neighborhood. Take a look at some of the ways you can make your real estate signs stand out in a crowded neighborhood. 

Make your signs a little larger than usual. 

There is a typical sign size that is associated with real estate signs that get posted in the yard of for-sale properties. However, in a neighborhood that is densely populated, where the streets are crowded, and there is a lot to look at, these average-sized signs can seem a little thwarted by everything around them. If you want to gain a little more attention, try opting for signs that are a little bigger. You can usually do a lot of good just by making the sign a more easy-to-see fixture on the property. 

Add lights to put the sign on display in the eyes of those passing by. 

If you want the real estate sign to be visible around the clock, it is well worth considering adding some lighting to the sign in some form or fashion so it can be visible after dark. There are a few ways to add lights to a real estate sign, including: 

Utilize bold colors and contrast to enhance visibility. 

A sign may be only witnessed for a few seconds as someone drives by, so making sure the message the sign delivers is clear is really important. To ensure the real estate signs you put out are easily readable without a lot of effort, make use of bold colors and contrast to enhance visibility. For example, white lettering against a black background will automatically be more legible to those who only catch a glimpse as they go by.