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4 Tips To Make Your Real Estate Sign Stand Out

When people drive by homes that are for sale, they expect to see a real estate sign out in the front yard. As a realtor, you need to make sure that you have the right sign and that it looks great. After all, the sign is the first thing that a person often sees when they see a home for sale. In many cases, people will judge a realtor on the way a sign looks—in other words, the first impression comes from the sign rather than a handshake or an introduction. So, it is important that you choose quality material, printing, mounting, placement, etc. Here are a few tips to ensure your sign stands out.

Tip #1: Keep the Lawn Healthy

If the lawn around your real estate sign doesn't look good, then it is going to make your sign—as well as your business—look bad. A bad lawn will essentially detract from the sign's appearance. It doesn't matter how great your sign looks, if the lawn doesn't look good, then the sign is going to look bad. If the lawn can't easily be fixed, then do what you can to take the attention away from the lawn and to the sign (see tip #4).

Tip #2: Take Care of the Sign

Don't assume that you can just anchor the sign in the ground and leave it be until you need to pull it up when the home is sold. Signs need to be taken care of in order to remain in good condition. For starters, keep an eye on the sign to ensure that it doesn't lose its positioning. You will also want to ensure that the sign remains clean at all times. Dust it off and clean off any mud or debris that accumulates on it; it should always have a fresh appearance.

Tip #3: Consider a "Special" Sign

You probably have a standard sign that you use for your real estate listings; however, not all of your listings will be able to use this standard sign. In some cases, you may have two homes right next to each other that you are trying to sell. In this case, you won't want two signs that are exactly the same. In another instance, if your real estate sign is going to be exposed to a lot of adverse weather conditions like regular water, mud, or sun, you may want to consider a better protected or more durable sign.

Tip #4: Decorate the Sign

When you place your real estate sign in the ground, you may want to consider decorating it so that it will stand out more. For example, a potted plant on each side of the sign can add some color to it. If it is Christmastime, you could add some seasonal decorations like garland and lights to it. Just keep in mind that you will want to be non-denominational so that you don't offend anyone.

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