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Vinyl Banners That A College Can Hang Around Campus

Vinyl banners can serve a wide range of purposes, which means that there are numerous ideas that you can explore when it comes to deciding what images and text you want on them. If you work for a college and part of your job involves dealing with signage on campus, it's a good idea to find a local sign company that has experience with printing vinyl banners. People often hang these banners horizontally, but when you turn them 90 degrees and hang them vertically — perhaps on light posts around campus — they can provide value in terms of boosting school spirit. Here are some ideas to explore for vinyl banners to hang around your college campus.

Famous Graduates

One idea to think about is to recognize a number of famous graduates of your college with the help of a series of vinyl banners. If you identify 50 famous grads, for example, you can get 50 banners printed to display around the campus. The design should have a standard look — perhaps a picture of the graduate, his or her name, the year of his or her graduation, and the graduate's accomplishment. The list could range from grads in the science field to professional athletes. Current students, faculty, and visitors will enjoy seeing these notable people recognized.

Recognition Of Accomplishments

Another vinyl banner design to explore is to celebrate various ways that your college has received recognition. If you're able to compile a list of these points, you can work with your sign company to design banners for each. Often, the recognition will be based around numbers. For example, if a particular program of study at your college had the highest graduation rate of comparable programs in the state last year, this is a detail to celebrate with a vinyl banner.

College Statistics

It's important to remember that many of the people who see the vinyl banners around your campus will be visitors — and that this group will include prospective students. As such, it never hurts to share some vital information about your college. This is something that you can do with statistics. For example, different banners can share interesting information such as the number of full- and part-time students you have, the number of buildings on campus and its total acreage, the number of conference championships that your athletics teams have won, and more. These banners might help to encourage a prospective student to enroll at your college.

If you're looking to purchase a custom vinyl banner for your school, contact your local signage shop.