Learning About Creating Effective Signs For Your Company

Photoluminescent Exit Signs Are The Best Option For Your Business

Running a small business can require a lot of time and energy. It can be easy to overlook some responsibilities when it comes to your business's building. Safety requirements established by local law will require you to have proper signage for emergency situations. Among the most common signs that are required for most businesses are exit signs. Here's why you should consider getting photoluminescent exit signs.

No Electricity Required

Exit signs are required to be visible, regardless of whether or not there is a power outage. Photoluminescent exit signs do not require any electricity. The signs absorb energy during the day and reflect the light absorbed. The signs are able to collect enough energy to be powered for several hours, which should ensure they are operating at night. This will save you money on electric bills, and unlike other signs, you won't have to have a backup battery or generator connected to the sign if there is a power outage.

Less Expensive to Buy

If you have several exit points in your building, it can be expensive to get exit signs for several locations. Photoluminescent exit signs are far less expensive the other exit signs that require batteries or electrical components. Not only are they less expensive to buy initially, but they also last longer because they don't have the electrical components that burn out or otherwise fail. Most photoluminescent exit signs last for years, which means you won't have to keep fixing or replacing your signs throughout the year.

Easy to Install

With photoluminescent exit signs, you can handle the installation on your own. With electrical signs, you would likely need an electrician to help you. It is good to contact your local fire department or the proper city department to determine what the legal requirement is for the visibility and location of each sign. Most signs come with a wall or ceiling mount. Once the mount is properly screwed, it's as easy as sliding the sign into place. You may want to use a stud finder tool to ensure you are putting the mount in the right location so that your sign will remain secure.

If you like to handle things on your own and save money, then photoluminescent exit signs are your best option. You won't have to keep replacing lights or electrical equipment, and your building will be in compliance with safety regulations for several years to come.