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Switch From Fluorescent Lighting to LED Lighting

Many fluorescent products have been discontinued because LED bulbs are a safer and cheaper alternative to fluorescent bulbs. Cabinet sign lighting or self-supportive light sockets can be retrofitted to accommodate the use of LED bulbs. 


A broken LED bulb is not considered toxic. Damaged lighting can be disposed of in a landfill. Fluorescent products contain mercury and phosphorus. Both of these elements are highly toxic and can be harmful to the environment and people. Damaged fluorescent lighting should not be disposed of with other household waste. Bulbs need to be dropped off at a facility that accepts hazardous waste. A fluorescent bulb should be stored in a safe environment until it is able to be transported to a place that accepts spent lighting.

Improved Durability

A cabinet sign and light sockets that have been retrofitted to support the use of LED bulbs will likely not need to be serviced as often as they were when they utilized fluorescent technology. LED bulbs do not burn out in the same manner as fluorescent bulbs.

The light diodes that are contain in LED bulbs will slowly release less light over time. This could take thousands of hours to occur. If lighting is going to only be operated when it is dark or on specific days of the week, the LED bulbs may not need to be replaced for many years. The improved operational value of LED lighting will ensure that lit advertising materials always look well-kempt.

Retrofitting Variables

The sockets that fluorescent bulbs were previously connected to will be retrofitted with alternate stabilizing materials that will support the use of LED bulbs. In some situations, it may not be necessary to conduct a complete overhaul of existing signage. Some cabinet style lights or independent light products may support the use of stick style light bars. These products can be used inside of existing sockets and will not require a technician to tear apart lighting materials or use a rewiring technique to operate the LED products.

For a more extensive retrofit project, a technician may need to switch out a socket in its entirety. For a cabinet-style light, the switch to a new lighting source will not alter the advertising that is printed on the cabinet. LED lights emit a clear, bright light, which may be noticeably brighter than the fluorescent bulbs that you previously used.

Retrofitting costs will only be incurred upfront. After a retrofitting service appointment has concluded, you will gradually experience the cost savings and reduced maintenance requirements that LED bulbs are noted for.

If you have questions about sign light retrofitting, be sure to contact a professional.